Modern Survival Analysis

MT 2015


Lectures will take place in Michaelmas Term on Mondays and Wednesdays at noon
in the Statistics department.


Classes will be Monday mornings 11am. Lecture theatre 1SPR. Classes will be in weeks 3,4,5, 7,8 of MT and then in week 1 of Hilary Term.


I will be available in my office (Statistics room 3.01) at 10am Mondays weeks 1, 3, 4, 5 of Trinity Term. The week 2 office hour will not be held, because of the bank holiday, but if you have questions in week 2 please contact me by email for an appointment (or just to ask the question).

Sample questions
2014 exam               

(Sorry, we have been asked not to make solutions available independently... They are available via Weblearn.)

Complete lecture notes

Slides from Lecture 1
Slides from Lecture 2
Slides from Lecture 7
Slides from Lecture 8
Slides from Lecture 11

Slides from Lecture 12
Slides from Lecture 13
Slides from Lecture 15
Slides from Lecture 16

Problem sheets

Problem sheet 1
    Solutions to sheet 1
Problem sheet 2 (corrected)
    Solutions to sheet 2
Problem sheet 3
    Solutions to sheet 3
Problem sheet 4
    Solutions to sheet 4
Problem sheet 5
    Solutions to sheet 5
Problem sheet 6
    Solutions to sheet 6

R code

Counting process

R code for plotting figures step-like survival functions like 4.1 in the Lecture notes
Nelson-Aalen estimation code from Figure 5.3 of lecture notes

Data Links

Data sets for Survival and Event History Analysis, Aalen et al.